Propagating a Positive Message Online

Social Media has become a part of our everyday life, and one of the places to go to for information. Studies have shown that pages which focus on positive information, have the most page interaction.  Besides this, posting positive messages online go a long way in helping others feel good about themselves. This in turn, improves their quality of life, and makes a happier person. It even helps to significantly improve the relationship with a difficult coworker and can easily be applied to a difficult boss.

It is normal to struggle on  juggling personal life and work leaving you with very little time to think of others; this however, doesn’t mean that they do not want to be the ray of sunshine online. Take small steps that you can to radiate happiness and positivism in a way to show others how appreciative you are not just for your nearest and dearest – but for the entire world.

Start passing  positive vibes on to others and you’ll notice a large change in yourself and those around you. Keep in mind, it’s you and your inner feelings that will shine and make the biggest difference to improve the relationships you have.

Use bright cheerful images

Using relevant images on social media allows you to gain attention, build loyalty, communicate vital information, and increase engagement. If you want to stand out, develop a visual brand identity just as carefully as you prepare your sales pitches. Bright and colorful images have a positive effect on people and help brighten someone’s mood instantly. 

Use of positive language and words

When posting on social media, make sure that you use positive words and phrases. Do not be rude to your followers and other social media users. Everyone likes to read a positive message; the response to such news always helps in a pursuit of a good start. A positive message followed by a routine message can attract the person’s eyes, and bring their attention to the table, and results in a positive reaction.

Highlight positive content that you find

Social media gets a bad name when people share abusive images, videos or quotes, that promote negativity. Therefore, you need to make the world a better place by sharing educational and inspiring quotes, pictures or videos frequently. Your quotes may inspire and change the life of another social media user. Always attempt to inspire others.

Do not share or encourage the spread of negative messages

Falsehood spreads like wildfire on social media, getting quicker and longer-lasting pickup than the truth. Make sure that you fact-check information before you post it online. If you notice someone has posted information that is false or negative. You can either comment on their post or send them a direct message to dissuade the spread.

Be kind in your interactions

Being kind is one of the greatest virtues one can have. You never know what someone is going through. Therefore, always be kind with whatever content that you are going to post. Think twice before you say anything or post anything online. Remember, the internet never forgets and your words too can also remain in someone’s mind forever. Share achievements (yours and of others).

Keep your content understandable to avoid misinterpretations 

Make sure to use a language that is clear and understandable to your audience. Sometimes messages are taken out of context and shared among users online. This is important to ensure that the messages communicate their intended meaning. 

Words are powerful thus, remember to use them with caution…

Talk to us: What other ways do you ensure that your online messages are positive and pleasant?